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  • Why Opt for Custom Formal Wear for an Upcoming Event?

    21 December 2017

    If you have a formal event coming up, you want to ensure you dress properly for the occasion, which is why it can be good to choose a designer suit with a custom, tailored fit. If you've never purchased a suit and had it tailored or customized for you, note a few reasons why this type of outfit is the best choice for anyone, including women who might need a suit for a formal event, a holiday party, or any other such occasion.

  • What Parts of Wedding Decor Hire Should You do Yourself and What Should Be Left to Professionals?

    19 October 2017

    Many people who plan weddings today consider the modified DIY approach for their decor. Whilst you know that you can't do everything on your own, you might want to do at least a few things yourself and leave everything else to a wedding decor hire team. However, how do you know which wedding day decor tasks you can easily (and reliably) do yourself and which should be done by the experts?