Interactive entertainment options

3 ways in room entertainment is improving aged care

by Cameron Burke

Whether you are considering putting a relative into aged care and want to know that they will be able to access entertainment, or own an aged care home and want to ensure your residents are happy, the in room entertainment they get will always be a key part of taking a service beyond just somewhere to eat and sleep and into a relaxing, caring and entertaining environment. There are many different options available for getting entertainment into rooms, from pay TV to allowing residents to bean from the phones or computers, to allowing them to set up and use their on demand content services. 

Of course, a key priority for a guests, family and owners, is the safety and efficiency of these entertainment systems. No one wants the frustration, or loneliness, of a room with no entertainment, and everyone wants to ensure that those who use the systems have access to the best care, with minimal risk of any sort of safety issue such as hacking. However, beyond just the basic delivery of television programmes on old TV screens, there have been huge advancements in how in room entertainment is changing the way that aged care operates, vastly boosting the quality of life for residents. Here are three ways in room entertainment is improving aged care, so that relatives can feel confident, and owners can see what the options are.

On demand access to superior content

It is a myth that older generations do not like movies and never watch TV, in fact many of those who grew up in the golden age of cinema can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon, and TV shows are a great way to keep learning and on top of current events. However, in an aged care facility with so many different tastes and interests to cater to, it is impossible to run a TV rota which keeps every body happy. Many homes are now turning to pay TV networks to provide on demand content, which guests can watch in their room completely at their leisure. 

Keep residents connected to what is going on

In room entertainment systems are increasingly being used as information systems, so that residents can easily find out what is going on in the home. From finding out what is for lunch, checking what time the reading group is meeting or just checking the number to call for reception, in room entertainment systems are a fantastic network for keeping guests up to date and making them feel part of the community. 

Communication with other residents 

Another growing trend is the use of entertainment systems as means of communication. With many content providers be to offer chat facilities between rooms, whether they are discussing last night's TV or arranging to meet for coffee, entertainment systems can become a vital method of communication.

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