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Why Opt for Custom Formal Wear for an Upcoming Event?

by Cameron Burke

If you have a formal event coming up, you want to ensure you dress properly for the occasion, which is why it can be good to choose a designer suit with a custom, tailored fit. If you've never purchased a suit and had it tailored or customized for you, note a few reasons why this type of outfit is the best choice for anyone, including women who might need a suit for a formal event, a holiday party, or any other such occasion.


Having formal wear tailored for you specifically will mean a fit that is not only comfortable, but which also looks better in photographs, and which even makes you look more professional. You won't need to worry about sleeves brushing your fingers or exposing your wrists, or about the legs of trousers dragging on the floor when you have your formal wear tailored for you. A tailor can even customize a suit to fit around a particular shirt, sweater vest, or blouse you want to wear with the outfit.

A custom fit can even help to make you look slimmer, as jackets can be nipped around the waistline, and will hide any "figure flaws" you might have. A custom fit can also suit your own particular style; for example, if you tend to keep your hands in your trouser pockets, a tailor can cut a jacket so that it will still hang properly over your front and sides without falling behind you and looking lopsided.


Designer formal wear will typically include high-quality materials and threads that are meant to last, even after repeated dry cleaning. You won't need to worry about shiny knees or elbows because of worn fabric, or loose threads and missing buttons when you invest in quality formal wear. The colour will also stay true for far longer when you opt for high-quality designer pieces, so your black suit won't eventually start looking a bit grey, and a jacket and trousers won't eventually seem to be different colours because the dye of their fabrics have faded over time.

Custom designer formal wear may allow for more details than suits you buy off the rack. This can mean a wider lapel for a retro, classic look, a name inscribed on a pocket, a particular thread colour for pinstripes, and other features that you won't find when shopping store shelves. This can ensure you end up with formalwear that works for your tastes and style in particular, and that looks perfectly suited to your frame.