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What Parts of Wedding Decor Hire Should You do Yourself and What Should Be Left to Professionals?

by Cameron Burke

Many people who plan weddings today consider the modified DIY approach for their decor. Whilst you know that you can't do everything on your own, you might want to do at least a few things yourself and leave everything else to a wedding decor hire team. However, how do you know which wedding day decor tasks you can easily (and reliably) do yourself and which should be done by the experts? Read on to find out. 

The Big Things: the Lighting, Arch, and Beyond

The big things—those that are a critical part of the wedding decor—shouldn't be left to chance. On your big day, it's best that you're not worrying about problems such as lighting failure, arranging a heavy wedding arch perfectly, or making sure that enough seating is in place. You can work closely with your wedding decor hire provider to ensure that the big things are implemented just as you wish. 

Bottom Line: Leave the big things to the wedding hire professionals.

The Flowers: From Simple Bridal Bouquets to Complex Floral Displays

When it comes to flowers, who does the work depends upon how extensive your floral needs are. If the only flowers you need are a simple bridal bouquet and a couple of small floral arrangements for decor, it may be something that you can handle on your own. However, have at least one practise session well ahead of your wedding to be sure you can get the results you want. 

If your bridal flowers are complex and extensive, it's better to leave it to the wedding decor hire professionals. This ensures that the flowers will be fresh, will be spot on with the other decor, and will be assembled in the right way. 

Bottom Line: If your flower needs are small, you may be able to handle it yourself. However, extensive flowers require professional assistance. 

The Wedding Favours: The Part of the Decor That Guests Can Take Home

The wedding favours are often part of the decor at weddings today, as they're typically placed on tables during receptions. Wedding favours may be one of the easiest and simplest ways to contribute to your wedding, and cut costs whilst you're at it. 

You can order favours such as personalised mason jars, which you can then fill with candies. There are also options like customised candles with the wedding details engraved on them. You can easily add decorative ribbons around the candle jar yourself. If you enjoy cooking, you can even create food favours such as cookies or fairyfloss and package them up in coloured cellophane (in your wedding colours, naturally!) 

Bottom Line: As long as your wedding favours aren't overly complex, this is the perfect way to make a significant DIY contribution to your wedding. 

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your entire life, so it's important that you know when to rely on others and when to do things yourself. Using the guidelines above, you can have beautiful wedding decor -- without wedding day stress!