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2 Key Ideas For Successfully Styling Your Own Wedding

by Cameron Burke

For most brides-to-be, their upcoming wedding day is a day they've been dreaming of for many years. If you've had visions of your dream wedding since you were old enough to remember, then you've probably been spending a lot of time thinking about how you can create the perfect look. Many couples are so intent on getting it right that they hire professional stylists to design the entire look of their wedding.

While this no doubt results in a truly beautiful end result, it also comes with a fairly hefty price tag.  If your budget simply won't stretch to this kind of help, then you'll be pleased to know that you can still get amazing results by doing it yourself. Here are two key ideas that will make your wedding day amazing that will apply to any style or theme that you'd like to choose.

1. Flowers

A wedding simply wouldn't be the same without an abundance of beautiful flowers. If you're working on a tight budget, then you don't need to spend a fortune on expensive roses to create unique and eye-catching floral arrangements. You can buy flowers yourself from a flower wholesaler or market and then arrange them yourself.

Hiring some flower display items from an event hire company is a great way to make the most of your chosen blooms and get a polished and put-together look. This could be a metal or timber arbour that can be adorned with flowers and used at both the ceremony and the reception. You may also like to hire a selection of ornate vases to use on dining and service tables.

2. Lighting

The right lighting has the ability to transform even the dullest and least inspiring reception venue into a sparkling and magical wedding wonderland. Lighting helps to create the right mood and can help to mask or enhance different features of the space as required.

Fairy lights are one of the most popular choices, and it's not hard to understand why. They provide a soft, subtle and romantic light and can be used on the ceiling, walls, outdoor in trees or as accents along the bridal party's table. For a touch of luxury, many event hire companies can also provide stunning chandeliers which look great in every style of wedding, from Boho to traditional.

Once you have these two key features organised, you're well on your way to being your own wedding stylist. With gorgeous flowers and stunning lighting, your wedding venue of choice will look the part and have the magical, romantic and whimsical feel that weddings encapsulate.