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Why Should You Consider an L-Shaped Pool?

by Cameron Burke

There are plenty of different factors that you need to consider when building a pool, and the shape of the pool is one of the most important. Most people will simply opt for the traditional rectangular-shaped pool without even thinking about the other choices. Rectangular pools can be great, but you might also want to think about installing an L-shaped pool.

Separate Shallow Area

The most immediate benefit of an L-shaped pool also tends to be the most persuasive: You can have a separate shallow area. People often struggle to decide whether to have a pool of uniform depth or one with both a shallow end and a deep end. It's nice for depth to be uniform if you like to swim laps or use your pool for more adult games, such as water polo, but it can also be nice to have a shallow end where you can relax, especially if you have younger children.

Having an L-shaped pool is a bit like having two pools in one. The longer part of the L can be of a uniform depth for swimming laps and playing games, while the shorter part of the L can be used for chilling out or playing with young children. You'll be able to switch between the two activities, or you'll be able to swim laps without bothering those in the shallow area.

Perfect for Diving

You'll find this separation between shallow area and deep area particularly beneficial if you want to use the pool for diving.  There's a reason why most pools used for diving tend to be quite long — certain codes stipulate a certain depth that must be achieved according to the pool's length and width. In a pool with shallow end and deep end, the slope of the bottom will have to be quite severe to accommodate that depth.

Maximize Pool Space

Another great reason to think about an L-shaped pool is that installing one will maximise pool space without taking up too much of your outside space. If you want to extend a rectangular pool in terms of either width or length, you're going to take up quite a lot of space.

The short arm of the L provides a little more pool space without consuming too much outside space. It also leaves a nice little section of outside space with pool along two sides, which can be a great place to put sun loungers or a table and chairs. You might argue that a kidney-shaped pool can achieve much the same effect, but the curving walls of a kidney-shaped pool require more work during installation.

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